Welcome to the Website of Methodist Tamil Church, Bhandup, a pioneering Church of Tamil speaking Christians in Mumbai. We are glad that you took time to visit our website. We believe your effort will leave you feeling warm in your heart as you proceed to see how the Lord has enabled us and built us in all these five decades and more.

MTC Bhandup, as it is called, is a forerunner for many Tamil and other Churches Mumbai, Maharashtra. With a strong membership of 350 families, MTC Bhandup stands as a strong Church that nurtures and produces men and women of God to excel in all walks of life.

Unity has been the key factor which has kept the Church migrating from one level to another. We are not able to sum up all the wonderful testimonies that has occurred through the Church in all these years in this small website but as you get closer and closer, you will notice that you will surely be surrounded by an aura of testimonies from people’s lives.

The Lord our God has been faithful and merciful and has led us through all these years and we strongly believe, He will successfully sail the Church into His own custody at the trumpet call.

Glory to God in the Highest.